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Cotton and Pineapple Leaf Blend

The cotton used for this yarn is produced in Iloilo, while the
pineapple leaf is from Negros Occidental, Philippines.


Single ply, unsized yarn - Yarn Count (Ne): 17/20/24 -

Single ply, sized yarn - Yarn Count (Ne): 17/20/24 -


Double ply, unsized yarn - Yarn Count (Ne): 17/20/24 -

To purchase this product, please visit this RYPIC Sales Form page.

1. Prices are subject to change.
2. Shipment arrangement and cost will be to customer’s account.
3. All yarns are sold as undyed yarns.
4. Minimum purchase requirement is 45 kilograms. For orders less than 45kl,
    we are pleased to refer you to the RYPIC retail partner, Panublix ( https://panublix.com )
5. Cones are returnable; (₱50 per cone) cost of cones returned in good order will be
deducted from the total cost of yarns on the second order.
6. We accept orders within the Philippines.
7. For orders abroad, you can place an order through our partner, Panublix ( https://panublix.com )

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