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: Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center


Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center (RYPIC) Iloilo as a leading circular model for natural yarn and textile production and innovation center in the country.


The RYPIC in support of the DOST Inclusive Innovation (i2TELA) Program:

  • As a production center, commits to provide access to supply and technical support to MSMEs engaged in the manufacture of fabric, clothing, and other textile products with the use of NTF-blended yarns through the application of science, technology and innovation;
  • As the textile innovation center, RYPIC establishes, develops and nurtures multi stakeholder engagements/relationships to ensure sustainability of the supply and value chain, promote initiatives in academic research, and development of technical competencies for the sector.




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    • The TELA Pilipinas, wherein TELA stands for Textiles Empowering Lives Anew, is both an advocacy and brand of the DOST-Philippine Textile Research Institute’s initiatives to empower the local textile industry by providing S&T interventions, which are foundations for textile productionand innovation.

    • A local textile ecosystem illustrated in the TELA Pilipinas mapis built on the soil-to-skin production of textiles that connects farmers, fiberprocessors, textile producers, dyes, and end-users. This is possible throughthe sustainable production of yarns and fabrics using the natural textile fibersand natural dyes available locally, and the use of textile products by the peopleof that locality.  This ecosystem thatwill surely spur growth and innovation in the countryside and sustainably cloththe Filipino, at least in that province or region.

    • As a realization of its TELA Pilipinas advocacy, the DOST-PTRI spearheads the establishment of the Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center in Miag ao, Iloilo.

    • The RYPIC is a microscale yarn spinning facility in Iloilo which aims to produce yarns from blends of natural textile fibers, abaca, banana and pineapple leaf, in combination with cotton at a 50 kilograms of yarns per day capacity. It will also be the Center of yarn innovation in Iloilo as it is located in ISAT-U.

    • The RYPIC aims to jumpstart local ecosystems for the textile sector and caters to the requirements of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)in the fashion industry, academe and government institutions for yarns and fabrics using local raw materials, skills, and talents.

    Iloilo Science And Technology University

    To know more about ISAT-U, please visit www.isatu.edu.ph/.

    Miagao, Iloilo

    To know more about Miagao, Iloilo, please visit www.miagao.gov.ph.

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